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As mentioned Royale Homes Tuy are located between the two towns of Balayan and Nasugbu and the two rivers Mataywanac/Salipit and the Obispo but are also located on the Nasugbu-Tagaytay Hi-way which means that all that Metro Manila has to offer can be reached in around 2 hours, making them remote yet convenient for a relaxed, leisurely country lifestyle without the stress and health problems often associated with city life.

It are not just the resorts in Balayan and Nasugbu that attract tourists to this region, which is the busiest tourism region within easy reach from Manila the nation’s capital, as there are many other, natural attractions which draw an increasing number of tourists, Filipino and foreign. One of these attractions is one of the world’s smallest volcanoes, Mt. Taal volcano with a height of just 600 meters. Also, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the region is also home to the “largest island in a lake on an island”.

The Philippines tourism industry has already started to take advantage of what this region has to offer tourists and has plans for its further development in the future and whilst this will bring more people to the region, not just tourists but also workers in the tourism industry, Royale Homes Tuy, with its gated community, will only experience the benefits that come with those growing numbers and not be adversely affected by the negative aspects which increased tourism can produce.

Whilst living a country lifestyle may sound ideal, most people want to know that they are not totally isolated from the facilities they may be used to in the city but fortunately, Royale Homes Tuy is located conveniently close to most of the facilities any resident may need, many within just a 15 minute drive. Some of those facilities are:


  • Marcia Adams’ Restaurant – 20.1km
  • Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant – 19.8km
  • Sonya’s Garden – 16.3km
  • Buon Giorno! Café & Bistro – 13.3km
  • Crust Restaurant – 6.3km


  • Ayala Malls – 26.5km
  • Primark Town Center – 24.6km
  • Twin Lakes – 13.2km


  • Wawa Elemetary School – 19.1km
  • Kaytitinga Elementary School – 18.2km
  • Tua Elementary School – 6.4km
  • Banilad National High School – 5.1km


  • Jabez Medical Hospital – 17.9km
  • Apicable Memorial Hospital – 15.6km
  • Tuy General Hospital – 15km
  • Metropolitan Medical Center – 10.1km


  • Caleruega – 14.2km
  • Don Bosco Chapel on the Hill – 12.5km

Golf Clubs:

  • Spendido Taal Golf Club – 16.5km
  • KC Hillcrest Hotel and Golf Club – 12.5km

It is not only Metro Manila that you can get to in 2 hours as Batangas City is less than 2 hour drive heading south from Royale Homes Tuy. Although Batangas may be like any other city, its one difference is that it is home to Batangas Port which is the 2nd busiest in the Philippines. From the port you can get a ferry to almost anywhere in the Philippines.

Royale Homes Tuy Batangas Location

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