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Although a country living is healthier and more refreshing than a life in the city, some amenities that are found in cities can be missed and so RCD Land incorporated some of those amenities into the Royale Homes Tuy project in order to improve a resident’s lifestyle still further. These added amenities include:

Multi-purpose Hall – Just because you move to the countryside doesn’t mean that your social life has to stop and so the availability of a multi-purpose hall allows resident’s to host family gatherings, work socials or other events, right on their doorstep without the hassle of worrying about transport or appropriate venues.

Play Areas – Play areas are essential for children to be able to play and enjoy recreational pursuits in safety, free from the dangers of traffic and busy streets.

Parks – There is no better way to relax and unwind than to take a relaxing stroll through a park setting, enjoying the sun and the breeze on your face without being jostled by crowds. The fact that you can enjoy the qualities a park has to offer without having to drive for miles makes the relaxation time you spend in the park even more rewarding.

3 Basketball Courts – Basketball is becoming increasingly popular and so the availability of basketball courts close to your home is of great benefit. Not only children but also adults need a little competitive and fun game playing from time to time. As well as being fun and entertaining, a friendly game of basketball, played regularly, can help residents to keep in shape and remain healthy.

Swimming Pool – A swimming pool is becoming increasingly popular as a residential project amenity and just because your residence is in the country that does not mean that you should not also have the benefits which a nearby swimming pool can offer. As well as a great place to relax and hang out, a swimming pool can be an extremely beneficial asset for the kids at weekends and during the school holidays, keeping them entertained, near home and safe.


One of the major concerns that many potential residents have whether they are considering buying a property in the city or in the countryside, is the safety of their families. The developer, RCD Land was aware of this and so in order to allow residents peace of mind regarding the security of their families; they included a guarded gate at the entrance to the project and provide 24 hour security within that project.

Country Living

Those people that opt to move to a countryside setting are often anxious to leave the jostling crowds of the city and the dangers, hassles and annoyances that are associated with them and so are happy that there are no noisy night clubs next door to their house but, most do still like to make the most of a dinner out and so the fact that restaurants, malls and other facilities are within just a short drive is also appreciated.

Although many people do opt to live in a city so that they only have short commute to work, often that is the only reason they opt for a city life as country living is known to be healthier, more relaxing and beneficial for a longer life. Of course though, with the affordable prices of Royale Homes Tuy many people will be able to buy one as a 2nd home for weekends and holidays and in doing so, enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • Entrance Gate with guard house
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Concrete pavement with curbs and gutters
  • Complete electrical and Water Facilities
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